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Relay Network

Webinar: How TD Bank Is Delivering Hyperpersonalized Customer Engagement

Hear from John Thomas at TD Bank and Steve Gillin of Relay Network on how TD Bank is using a new mobile channel, the Customer Feed, to take customer-centricity to the next level.

It was really important to us to be able to proactively talk to the right customers. The ability to surgically go through our portfolio and get messages to exactly the right people, relieving pressure on other channels and to not have customers wait in a phone queue was super critical.

—John Thomas, EVP Global Innovation Head, TD Bank

With a forced digital transformation knocking at their front doors, many banks were surprised to find that their organizations were under-equipped to respond to COVID-19's impact on the traditional banking model.

For TD Bank, however, its progressive digital foundation provided the agility and flexibility to respond to COVID-19 in near real-time, leveraging Relay to augment the digital customer experience with dynamic, individualized content based on each customer's current needs.

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